About Williamghoat

I am a lucky guy to have many activities that I find interesting.  I grew up enjoying trains. Everyone in our Fishkill, New York neighborhood had a Lionel train and it was fun to watch the  daily freight on the nearby New Haven branch line.  While in grade school,  I discovered photography and was so proud of my Brownie 120 box camera with only one control.....the shutter. As a freshman college student, I was thrilled when I bought my first real camera, a Minolta SRT 101.  The MKT  Railroad had a division yard  close by and in those times, no one seemed to mind if you took some photos.  The SLR with interchangeable lens started my Railfan life . After graduate school, I landed a job that allowed me to combine my love of trains and  travel.  In 1986, my buddies and I flew to Calgary, Alberta and crossed British Columbia to see  ''The Parade of Steam" at Expo 86 in Vancouver.  We had a great time photographing the Canadian Pacific Railroad and making many new friends who gave us unbelievable access to the railroad.  Nick Morant would have been proud.  The scenery was terrific as the green pine trees and red diesels are a tough combination to beat.  The rocky cliffs and hills along the line provided great vistas for the trains nearby and I explored different spots searching for that calendar shot.   My buddies said I "climbed like a billy goat" and that evolved into Williamghoat.  "Sweet Thing" has been patient with my hobby and handed out multiple "kitchen passes" over the years letting me run off on a variety of crazy railroad expeditions. As I grow older, wiser and less flexible I have toned down my wild ways. More civilized travel has become the norm and Landscapes are now my  prime photo interest. ST is a wonderful  life partner and on occasion will even carry my tripod.

On NYC mainline in New Haven, Connecticut 1975

Untitled photo

Qualifying on Canadian Pacific's Thompson Subdivision 1994

Williamghoat Qualifying on the Thompson Subdivision 1994.

Hole 3 at Llao Llao Resort in Bariloche, Argentina 2004

Taking a break from the railroad. I played 36 holes at Llao Llao Resort outside Bariloche. Beautiful setting with lakes and the Andes in the background.  Golf Pro was from Missouri.

Caring for a burned child in Tanzania 2011

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Sipping a Brew in Santorini, Greece 2012

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The Peaks at Torres del Paine NP, Southern Patagonia, Chile 2015

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Williamghoat overlooking Aldeyarfoss, Iceland

Williamghoat still climbing around.

Shooting the Surf in Senja, Norway 2020

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